Custom Fascia for Hand Sanitiser Station


Custom fascia panels for Hand Sanitiser Stations with your branding and text displayed

1 off for $30.00

  • Minimum order of 25
  • A once-off $200 design fee is required on orders under 100
  • Once ordered, you will be contacted with a request for what logo and text you want displayed
  • Number of Facia's Required - 2x per stand (front and back) unless you're flush mounting the unit to the wall
  • Printed cmyk colour
  • Matt or gloss laminate on surface for protection
  • Corner cutting 6mm (closest we can do to 7.2mm)
  • Measurements: 185mm x 276mm magnets
  • ETA - 2 to 4 weeks

Next Steps - once paid for you will receive a form to fill in with all the artwork details and delivery details. These will then be forwarded to our printer and your custom facias will arrive shortly.

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